Why Use Emblems and Crests

Embroidered emblems and crests are a great way to identify your employment, affiliation, team, or group. Commemorate an event, recognize an achievement or promote your product or brand.

Embroidered emblems and crests are a cost-effective way to display your brand, design, or insignia when applied on uniforms, caps, jackets, and golf shirts, when you want maximum recognition and exposure.

The use of Embroidered emblems and crests can benefit you in many ways.

  • Option to be heat sealed or sewn
  • Long lasting and made to withstand industrial laundering
  • Gives opportunity to remove design at anytime without ruining the garment
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • More cost effective than direct embroidery
  • Allows you to have your crest sewn without purchasing a garment
  • Application is only limited by your imagination
  • Completely custom from design to colours
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